Willis Lai

Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Photographer

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A dash of quirkiness, a teaspoon of awkwardness, a cup of inspiration, and a bowl of hard work makes Willis.

Born in the foggy city of San Francisco and raised in Hayward the heart of the Bay Area, I grew up in a semi-traditional Chinese household where burning incense, paying respects to your ancestors during non-American holidays according the Lunar Calendar and receiving red pocket envelopes are inevitable.

I studied filmmaking at San Francisco State and focused primarily cinematography, but not limited to just that field.  I enjoy every process filmmaking from pre to post-production, that's why I go on sets with an open mind hoping to learn every detail that each department that has to offer.  My love for photography and filmmaking is having an environment as a team collaborative culture where artists can inspire, create motion and still magic together.

Other fun facts include:

  • SPECIALTY SKILLS: Cinematography (Camera Operation, Lighting, Grip), Editing, and Cooking.
  • TOP 3 FAVORITE FILMS: Amélie, Pulp Fictio­n, Young and Dangerous
  • INFLUENCES: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Andrew Lau, Stephen Chow, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino
  • GUILTY PLEASURE: Anime + Manga + Food Films + Cheesecake
  • At one point I wanted to become a voice actor, theater actor, and a personal chef

Projects Willis worked on: