Do you really need a wedding video?

Believe me, I know. Weddings are expensive. I got married myself only two year ago.

And it’s BECAUSE weddings are so expensive – and go by so quickly - that I tell couples that a wedding video is one of the best investments they’ll ever make. Simply put – there is no better way to document your big day than a professionally shot wedding video.

We already have a photographer. Isn’t that enough?

Most couples have a photographer - which they should.  But keep in mind that photo and video are entirely different mediums that serve totally different purposes.

A photographer freezes time.  

Your wedding photos will show you (and others) how you, your partner, and the people closest to you looked on your biggest day. All the love and preparation you put into your wedding day will be captured – for eternity – in those perfect shots.

A videographer, on the other hand, transports you back in time.

The vows you and your loved one say to each other, your dad's tearful toast, your nervous flower girls, your first dance, your proud grandparents and great uncles and aunts, your cousin's violin solo she practiced for the last four months….all of these moments can only be captured and relived with a medium that has both moving pictures and sound.  It is precisely the reason the film and television industry is so successful. Video allows us to be a part of the action.

Don’t forget – a lot will be happening on your wedding day. You only have one pair of eyes. You can’t see everything that’s happening all around you – plus you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself (as you should)! Videographers are trained to capture everything you missed, and add those special moments to the way you remember your special day.

But who's gonna watch it?

You’ll actually be surprised how often you want to watch your wedding video. In fact, when polled afterwards, 63% of brides that didn’t use a videographer at their wedding wish they would have.

And rest assured, there will be times that you'll need to watch it. Marriage can be tough. Your wedding video is a permanent reminder of the love you felt that day, and why your marriage is special.

Additionally (and sadly), we’re all on borrowed time. The happiness you’ll feel from seeing loved ones that are no longer with us enjoying themselves on your special day will warm your heart every single time you watch your video.

Finally, having a wedding video allows you to share your story with those that weren’t there – and even those that weren’t born yet!  There’s even an option where we can include your “love story” (a pre-wedding video filmed in advance) with the wedding day video. Your children, and grandchildren, will appreciate being able to experience your love – and your wedding – as if they were right there with you.

I’ll say it again – there's no better way to preserve and relive memories than video.

I know your wedding budget is tight. But let’s talk. We’ve created different packages to fit within your budget. Together, we can come up with something that works.

Your wedding is going to be perfect. We’d love to capture and document it for you, and deliver a keepsake you’ll watch and cherish for the rest of your life. But no matter who you hire – we’re pretty sure you’ll end up agreeing that your wedding video was a worthwhile investment.

Best - Ocean
Otion Pictures


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