How do you pronounce “Otion”?

Just like “motion” as in motion picture, but without the “M”. Ocean is actually my given birth name – but Ocean Pictures makes it sound like we specialize in oceanography. Hence, “Otion” is just a play on words.

How much do you charge?

We have different packages and options for every budget and wish list. Contact us so we can send you a pricing sheet.

What about travel fees?

We're San Jose based. There are no travel charges for anywhere within 50 miles one way. From the 51st mile onwards it's $2/mile of the total travel distance.

Getting ready at Stockton
Ceremony and reception at Lodi
Total of 103 miles
(103 - 50 miles) x $2 = $106 Travel Fee

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.31.58 PM.png

Why does the editing take so long?

Editing is a timely process. We literally go through hours of footage in order to seamlessly piece together the most memorable moments from your event, and our philosophy prioritizes quality over speed. That said, we sincerely do try our best to get your video(s) to you as quickly as possible.

How come your videos look more interesting than others? (Actual question from a couple. We were flattered.)

What that specific couple really wanted to know was if we used a special type of camera or editing application. While we do use top of the line equipment, the real reason people love our work is that we put our heart into making your video. Your wedding day video is a documentation of the happiest day of your lives. We take that responsibility very seriously. Hence, we try to capture the emotion - the soul - of the event, as well as what physically happened. That’s our “secret sauce”. We honestly enjoy seeing people happy, and we know our videos have the power to do that. Everything comes from the heart, my friend. That's why we only book one wedding per weekend.

What do others say about you?

Check out our online reviews: Thumbtack | Yelp | Facebook | WeddingWire

How is the music picked?

This is actually one of the most challenging aspects of the editing process. Sometimes couples have specific music they want in the video, but those songs don’t always work in tandem with the imagery, or there are challenges with the licensing. What we always tell folks is that it’s usually better if we pick the music (based upon the genres you both like), and that if they have special requests, we’ll do our best to organically and seamlessly (and legally) incorporate them into your video. The only music licensing websites we use are Music Bed and Noisely.

Can you make my wedding look fun?

Are you kidding? It is gonna be a blast! You just enjoy every second - we’ll be capturing both you and your guests joy without you even knowing.

My timeline is not fixed yet. How many hours should I book you for?

We always tell folks not to worry about the actual hours of service (for all of your vendors) until after you’ve chosen a date and begin the actual planning. If you like, we can put a “soft hold” on your date - which means we’ll hold the date for you until someone else inquires about it, and then we’ll let you know that we need a decision.

You guys sound fun! I wanna book you.

Great! CLICK HERE to contact us. The process is then pretty straightforward. First, make sure I’ve answered all of your questions. Then, decide on which package is best for your needs and budget. I’ll then send you a contract, and once it is signed and we receive a 50% retainer - we’re booked! It’s that simple.


We do our best to accommodate every request, however, here are some things we do not recommend:

  • Just shoot (but not edit) the footage

We don’t do this because we don’t think you’ll be happy with the final product. Most folks find unedited video too long and kind of boring. Our expert editing services are included with every package - so we can provide you with a product that you’ll want to watch and share for years to come. 
That being said, all packages come with an external hard-drive that includes all of the raw, uncut footage - so you can literally relive every minute of your wedding day if you like. 

  • Photo Slideshows

Much like the “shoot but not edit” requests we get…we hypothetically could do a generic slide show, but we can also do something much better. Our “Love Story” video allows couples to “tell” their story in a fun, interesting and authentic way. It’s actually one of our most popular services!

  • Film the rehearsal / rehearsal dinner

We could - but usually we don’t, just because they’re typically not that interesting to someone viewing our video (at least not enough to justify the extra cost). That being said, it is very helpful if we have a rundown / timeline of the event prior to filming (most planners put these together anyway and can provide one for you). 

  • Create DVDs

Because we shoot in full HD (and sometimes in 4K), and those formats are not compatible with DVDs. Instead, we’ll give you an external hard drive with all the finished video(s) and raw footage. You can then freely share them electronically and through social media.