Nicole & Dickson

Jun 6, 2015

Nicole & Dickson

This is a story of two highly talented singers, and surprises. When Nicole first came to me, she said, "I wrote a song for Dickson, can I use that song in my wedding highlight?" Yes of course,that'll make it more personal! And then she said, "I'll be singing the song during the banquet to surprise him. He doesn't know yet." Yes definitely.

Suddenly, an idea came to me - what if that highlight video be played DURING she sings her song? Yup, that's what the industry calls "SAME DAY EDIT". I've never done it before but Otion Pictures is all about doing something unique because we believe every couple is unqiue. 

This was the first time I ever did SDE. It was for Nicole & Dickson's trust in us that made this happen. Normally, couples love to utilize the photographer and/or videographer during the gap between the ceremony and banquet to take photo/video somewhere. They let me go so I could attempt something I couldn't 100% guarantee to deliver.

At the end, with the help of Willis Lai @ Project W Production, we shot for the moon, and we achieved it. Nicole kept sending me message saying, "I'm still very impressed and overwhelmed by your work, I think it enhanced the entire experience."