We'd love to take all weddings, but...

As much as we want to, we don't. Here's why: we're filming the truest side of you on the biggest day of your life. You deserve a style that fits you. We have our unique style as much as you are unique. In order to produce good work, matching of style and philosophy is the key, kinda like dating. I can guarantee you, only when our style match then the video would come out good.

Here's how we work:

  • We discuss what's best for you
  • We stick to our creative vision
  • We only take ONE wedding per weekend
  • We'd love to showcase your video
  • We only use music from either Music Bed or Noisely

Some tips that could help us do a better job:

  • Hire a professional wedding planner, like Celia from Big Day Service
  • Hire great photographers like Thai or Alan
  • Let us involve in planning
  • Stay away from venues with many restrictions for photographer/videographer
  • Enjoy your day, not complete tasks
  • Please read the FAQ and Why? pages

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