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Running a business to me is not just a trade of someone's money for my service. Every time I watch my own old personal video, I know the value of the precious memories - priceless. I am lucky that I have the talent to make them, and not everyone has it.  I want to serve people who need videos made. In return, you’re paying to support me to continue serving you and others. That, to me, is business.

*Thanks to all my friends who took these pictures of me filming. :)

Since I was little, my father brought me to the movies. I felt like being drawn into another world while watching motion pictures. It was a world full of imagination, yet so realistic; difficult to create, yet enjoyable to be in. I want to create such feeling for others. I want people to see the unseen, hear the unspoken, feel the impossible. I want people to find inspiration and love and hope in that world, and bring them back here. 

- Ocean (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)